Custom Built Alarm with Keyless Entry System with Shock and Motion Sensors ...$79.95
Door Lock Actuators (Set of 2) ...$20.00
Headlight or Off-road Lights Relays (Set of 2) ...$6.00
Professional Installation Kit ...$8.00
Technial Support By Phone ...$20.00
2 Year Warranty ...$15.00
3 Year Warranty ...$20.00


This aftermarket security system will protect your Jeep vehicle from every angle, with the most advanced electronic technology available.  2X Vibration/Shock Sensor, 2X Parameter/Motion Sensor, High Power Horn/Siren, and Engine Automatic Shut Off are standard features.    

Control your Jeep's central locking system by remote or upgrade your Half-doors* to power doors.  Lock and unlock your Jeep without the need to use your keys!  Activate your Winch**, Headlights**, or even your Off-road Lights** with a push of a button on your remote transmitter. 

Use the available features to keep you and your family safe while on or off-road: Ignition Controlled Door Locks, Panic Mode, Car Finder Mode, and many more....    

System Features:

  • Alarm with Keyless Entry System.
  • Plug in 2X Vibration/Shock Sensor - Adjustable.
  • Plug in 2X Parameter/Motion Sensor - Adjustable.
  • Engine Automatic Shut Off Relay.
  • Central Power Door Locks - Selectable.
  • On-Board Relays.
  • 2 - 3 Button Long Range Remotes. 
  • Bright Blue LED Status Indicator.
  • Ignition Controlled Door Locks - Selectable.
  • Parking Light Flash.
  • Car Finder Mode.
  • Withstands Off-road Conditions.
  • Code Scan Proof Technology.
  • Panic Mode.
  • High Power Horn / Siren
  • Step-by-step Installation Manual with Wire Color and Location.
  • Connection Manual in English with Diagrams.
  • Technical Support by Email.
  • One (1) Year Warranty.

Add-ons & Services:

These add-ons and services are extra, you can add them to your cart at checkout:  

  • Door Lock Actuators (Set of 2) - You can choose to convert your door locks to power by adding 2 Actuators (Motors) inside the doors. (Add $20.00 for 2 Actuators)
  • Headlight Flash OR Off-road Lights Flash Relay (Set of 2) - To power the Headlights OR Off-road Lights you will need 2 Relays. (Add $6.00 for 2 Relays)
  • Professional Installation Kit - Comes with everything needed for a professional installation. Kit contains: E-Z Connectors, Butt Splice Connectors, 3M Tape, Self Drilling Screws & Wire Wraps. (Add $8.00 per Kit)
  • Technical Support by Phone - If this is your first time installing an alarm , take advantage of this service.  It is like having a pro to look over your shoulder.  This service is available by appointment. (Add $20)
  • Two (2) Year Warranty. (Add $15.00)
  • Three (3) Year Warranty. (Add $20.00)



Operations Instructions:

  • To Lock/Arm the vehicle: Press the Lock button on the remote. The lights will flash once, the siren/horn will chirp once, and the doors will lock. The system will arm.
  • To Unlock/Unarm the vehicle: Press the Unlock button on the remote. The lights will flash twice, the siren/horn will chirp twice, the doors will unlock. The system will disarm.
  • To activate the accessory output: Press and hold the Unlock button for 3 seconds. The lights will flash 3 times, the accessory will operate.
  • To Silent Lock/Arm: Press the 3rd Button on the remote. The lights will flash once, and the doors will lock. The system will arm.

System Includes:

  • Alarm / Keyless Module (1)
  • Wiring Harness (2)
  • Remote Controls (2)
  • Shock Sensor (1)
  • Motion Sensor (1)
  • LED Status Indicator (1)
  • Siren / Horn (1)
  • Engine Shut Off Relay (1) 
  • Custom Installation Manual (1)
Jeeps are built, not bought! Customize yours today!
Compatible with the following Jeep models:


Wagoneer Scrambler Wrangler
   1983*    1983*


   1984-1990    1984-1990      1991-1996*

CJ5 & CJ7


Grand Wagoneer



Grand Cherokee











*These models require additional actuators to activate the central locking. You can choose to add the actuators at checkout.  However this system could be used without connecting the door locks.

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  • Can I install this system myself, and what tools do I need?

Anyone that owns a Jeep has done one thing or another to upgrade it, Stereo System, Off-road Lights, MSD Ignition, Cat-back, Amplifier, Headers, Engine Swap, Trans, you name it.  Installing an alarm in your Jeep is easy with help of the manual that walks you through it step by step.  All the wires are easily accessible on these vehicles, so all you need to do is locate and splice the wires (the manual will help you identify each correct wire by color and location).  You will need some common tools, probe light tester or voltmeter and electrical tape.  However, we recommend getting the professional installation kit if it is your first time installing a system on your Jeep.

  • What wires do I need to find to complete this installation?

The manual shows the following wires and their location:  +12V Power Constant, +12V Power Switched, -12V Ground, Lock / Unlock, Hazard Lights, Door Trigger, Hood / Trunk Trigger (if available) and whatever accessory (eg. winch, off-road, or window unit) trigger (if available).  Also, it will show you how to make good and strong connections without the need to solder the connections.

  • How long does it take to complete the installation process?

The installation time will depend on your skill level.  It can be done anywhere between 2 - 4 hours, if you have the tools handy.  If it is your first time we recommend taking your time, and cancel appointments so you don't feel rushed.  Anyway, you should be enjoying the installation.   

  • How can I find out if this system will work on my Jeep vehicle before I buy it?

This system will work on All Jeep models listed above with or without power door locks.  If you are looking for an alarm without keyless entry then you have the option to use this system without connecting the central locking wires.  Or you can add an aftermarket central locking door kit if needed at checkout.

  • Why should I buy from and not other companies?

 At we want to build Trust with our customers, offer competitive prices, and quality customer service:

  • US Based Company.
  • Proud oIIIIo Owners.
  • Manuals written by experienced Jeep Techs/Owners.
  • We use Feedback to improve on our systems, and manuals.
  • Paypal Verified Member.
  • Buyer Protection Policy.
  • Return Policy.


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Custom Built Alarm/Keyless Entry System w/ Shock and Motion Sensors ...$79.95

Door Lock Actuators (Set of 2) ...$20.00

Headlight or Off-road Lights Relays (Set of 2) ...$6.00

Professional Installation Kit ...$8.00

Technial Support By Phone ...$20.00

2 Year Warranty ...$15.00

3 Year Warranty ...$20.00